David Wellman


SCA Accredited Level 3, Practising Strata and Community Manager

With over 18 years of strata industry experience, as well as several years in the construction industry, David has attained invaluable knowledge dealing with strata-related developments. His passion for the property sector and dedication to providing professional, personal and consistent service led him to establish Wellman Strata.

Throughout his career, David has successfully managed a large and diverse portfolio and has been involved at the highest level of management with several well-renowned industry-related companies. Prior to establishing Wellman Strata, David oversaw the management of over 25,000 strata and community title lots as the General Manager of one of Australia’s largest companies and leading market providers of strata and community titled management services. David is also qualified as a property valuer (as recognised under the previously enacted Valuers Act 2003 NSW).

David is a Director of Strata Community Australia (NSW).