Luke McCann

Senior Strata Manager (Newcastle)

SCA Accredited Level 2, Practising Strata and Community Manager

With 10 years’ experience across hotel, building & strata management Luke provides diverse knowledge and understanding in all aspects of the property Industry. Working in the hotel industry across NSW and QLD, Luke excelled and stepped into relief roles such as General and Building Manager of iconic properties.

Now managing the Newcastle & Hunter Strata Portfolio, Luke has gained valuable experience ranging from small to large stratums, including residential, commercial, mixed use and building management committees. With a dedication to his core values, in providing professionalism, transparency and a personal touch to his management style, Luke has successfully assisted owners’ corporations through a range of complex issues such as large-scale building defects and warrantee claims.

With a passion for business development, leadership and business culture, Luke has a long career in front of him and is proud to represent The Wellman Way.